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Must see places in Uppland and Sweden


Finally spring arrived to Uppsala and we have prepared an amazing event for you. We all love to travel, but often times we visit same places or have limited time/budget for our trips. We thought that it would be cool to know better areas around Uppsala for shorter weekend trips or even after-work trips. And luckily we have found the best speaker to share many insights and tips with you - Kicki Liden from Boka Uppland (

So we are pleased to invite you for "Must see places in Uppland and Sweden" on May 16th. During the event we will cover the following topics:

1. Places to visit/see in Uppsala/Uppland

2. Interesting one day trips (from Uppsala)

3. Top-10 list of best destinations in Sweden

4. Different organisations that you need to know as a tourist

As usually, feel free to invite your friends and colleagues! We will serve fika after the event :) Looking forward to seeing you!

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