Next week there will be second most important holiday in Sweden - Midsommar! At IN Uppsala we think it is important for all international people to experience real Swedish culture and be part of great celebrations. So we decided to organise something traditional and special for Midsommar this year. We are happy to invite you to join our happy crowd on Saturday, June 25th for picnic. We have chosen a place that is known for organising traditional celebrations with dances, live music and lots of fun. Plus, it is very close to Uppsala :) Last year we had lots of fun and here are some photos:

Meeting point: Disagården (Gamla Uppsala)
What to bring: we will have picnic together, so bring something you will eat, drink and be ready to share it :)
Meeting time: 10.00 a.m., near the entrance.
NOTE - entrance fee is 40 SEK for adults (cash only).
Expected activities: mingling, dancing, singing and spending great time together! Here you may find detailed programme:

Hope to see you next weekend! And yes, the weather is expected to be warm and sunny!!!

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