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Annual meetup with Uppsala Kommun

Dear friends!

I am happy to invite you to our annual meetup with Uppsala Kommun. During this meeting Uppsala Kommun will cover most important questions that we usually hear from expats about the city and services that we can get. But this year we decided to make the event even more tailored to your needs, so everyone gets a chance to ask a question to the Kommun. 

Uppsala is growing and becoming more international every year, that's why it is very important for Kommun to have direct contact with all international people in the city. Also Uppsala Kommun is going through massive changes in the way it works, including new innovative collaboration style among employees and during our meeting we will find out all details and initial feedback from the Kommun.

The event is free of charge, but registration is required. Here is link with registration:

17.30-18.00 - Mingling/Snacks
18.00-18.30 - Office tour, introduction to new Uppsala Kommun 
18.30-19.00 - Presentation
19.00-19.30 - Q&A session
19.30-20.00 - Mingling

We will be happy to see all of you on January 31st.



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